Decker + Yeadon's Homeostatic Facade System in the news

The Morning News Edition of ARIRANG Global TV (Korea) recently broadcast news of the Homeostatic Facade System project by Martina Decker (Critic, Foundation Studies) and Peter Yeadon (Associate Professor, Interior Architecture). The New Tang Dynasty Television Corp. (NTD TV) also broadcast news of the project in mid-March 2011.  Click here to watch NTD TV’s report. The “homeostatic facade” uses a smart material called a dielectric elastomer to respond automatically to prevailing conditions to reduce power consumption.   Yeadon says that  “You have to think of the homeostatic facade system as a smart solar screen in between two layers of glass. There is an inner layer of glass and an outer layer of glass that is exposed to warm or cold air of the outside, and our system resides in between those two layers – or double skins of glass. It simply changes shape to block out the sun from going all the way through to the interior of the building. When its desirable to have the sun come inside it changes shape again to open up some areas in the facade that lets the sun move into the interior of the building.”

Division of Architecture + Design, Foundation Studies, Homeostatic Facade System, Martina Decker, Peter Yeadon, Sustainability + the Environment

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