American Magic Lantern Theater visits RISD

The American Magic Lantern Theater will present selected works Saturday, April 30, 7:00 pm in the RISD Auditorium. The American Magic-Lantern Theater re-creates Victorian magic-lantern shows  popular in the 1890s. The shows use a combination of projected color slides, live drama, live music,  comedy and boisterous audience participation. The lantern uses 3″ glass slides, hand-painted 100 years ago, to illustrate drama and outrageous comedy, all from the Victorian period. The slides are spectacularly dramatic, detailed, colorful. They change about every 30 seconds, and many of the comic slides actually move the first cartoon animation.This art form  was one the important steps in the genesis of cinema as we know it .  The American Magic-Lantern Theater uses antique equipment, and the content, music, and dramatic style of the 1890s.  Click here to visit their website .

This performance is being sponsored by the Office of Student Life and the Division of Liberal Arts and has been organized by Marcin Gizycki, Senior Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture.

Division of Liberal Arts, Marcin Gizycki, Office of Student Life

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