Marina Adams at Momenta Art

The work of Marina Adams (Critic, Painting) is on view at Momenta Art in an exhibition of recent paintings by four artists (Adams, Peter Hopkins, Robert Janitz , and Brooke Moyse)  “who approach the painted image or object with a critical eye trained on notions of the sacred. Some of the paintings resist being read literally, others provide a complexly balanced image for contemplation and focus. But all of the work acknowledges the problem of culture, reference, and association within the field of abstraction as something to be respected, not rejected.  Adams’ Peace Paintings are based on Buddhist mandalas.”

The show opens on January 7th and will be on view through January 16th. Momenta Art is located at 359 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718.218.8058 | Gallery Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 12-6pm.

Exhibition, Faculty, Fine Arts, Marina Adams

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