Jerry Mischak at Industry Gallery

DIN-DIN an exhibition of new work by Jerry Mischak (Senior Critic, Painting) is being featured at Industry Gallery in Washington, DC. The exhibition will open November 6, 2010, 6-8 PM, and run through December 18, 2010.  Mischak will exhibit one large-scale installation and twelve chairs, all found objects which have been reconstructed via sanding and cutting with the addition of plastic, Styrofoam and wood, and all encased in colored vinyl tape.

Mischak built monsters and made movies with an 8mm Bell and Howell camera when he was growing up.   “I once made a figure out of wood wrapped it with strips of white cloth, put it in a metal box and buried it in the back yard.  It was after to my first viewing of The Mummy with Boris Karloff…”  The installation piece in the show at the Industry Gallery– “dinner table/such a night”–includes a 36-foot long table with 40 plates, 80 pieces of flat ware, 45 glasses, 25 empty wine bottles, and 100 empty water bottles, wrapped in more than 3000 yards of orange vinyl tape.  Read Industry gallery’s press release about the show here.

Industry Gallery ( is open Wednesday – Saturday, 11AM – 5PM, and by appointment.

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