Teach-In on the floods in Pakistan

A Teach-In on the Floods in Pakistan


Friday, September 24, 2010 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM


MacMillan Hall, Room 117
167 Thayer Street


A human catastrophe is unfolding in Pakistan, as the worst monsoon flooding in living memory has destroyed the homes and crops of some 20 million people, who are now displaced and extremely vulnerable. Given the poor media coverage of the catastrophe and its links to climate change, scholars from Brown and RISD are coming together for a teach-in about Pakistan, climate change and the challenge facing some of the poorest people in our warming world.

Faces of Suffering: How do we think about Pakistan?

Vazira Zamindar (History)
Corey Walker (Africana Studies)
Ijlal Muzzafar (History of Modern Architecture, RISD)
Naoko Shibusawa (History)

Climate Change and Catastrophes: How do we Respond?

Karl Jacoby (History)
J. Timmons Roberts (Director, Center for Environmental Studies)
Timothy Herbert (Chair, Geological Sciences)

An award-winning film about a boy who crosses the Indo-Pak border, Ramchand Pakistani, will be shown from 1-3pm, prior to the panel presentations. The film is set in the rural landscape that is now largely flooded.

Contact Markus Berger for more information:  454-6288 or mberger@risd.edu

Pakistan Floods

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