Gareth Jones and the "A" Course in Mute Magazine

“Mute Magazine” has published an article on a March 2010 symposium on experiments  and contradictions of art education that took place during the 1960s and 70s at  Central Saint Martin’s College of Fine Art and Design (CSM).  The event brought together Gareth Jones (Professor, Foundation Studies) with the other surviving founder members of the radical ‘A’ Course.  “Guided by shared interests in linguistics, information theory and behavioural psychology, as well as the then-emerging minimalist and conceptual sculpture practices” the group created “a course that would intervene directly in the habits, competences and previous training of students so that they would let go of their ‘conceptual indexing’ and have the chance to encounter all the ‘materials’ of their practice – physical and social – in an unmediated and authentic way.”

The 8 rules of the A course

– The content of the ‘A’ Course cannot be verbally prescribed.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from the conception that sculpture can result from a total dependence on historical precedent.

–  The ‘A’ Course will not disregard the actual academic roles of the participants.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from the Staff’s evaluation of the student’s achievements.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from an existing conception of the social role of the artist.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from the verbally articulated intentions of the students.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from the concept that individual identity is totally determined by a summary of past experience.

– The ‘A’ Course will not proceed from the concept that the work and working methods of the staff provide implicit models of quality

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