Summer Transfer Orientation

Thursday, June 17



You made it! Come to 30 Waterman Street to receive your keys. You will be redirected to your

housing to move in afterwards.


Breakfast at The Met.


Shopping Shuttles

Shuttles will be leaving from 30 Waterman to Seekonk Square, MA for general shopping needs;

Target/Bed Bath and Beyond.


International Transfer Student Meetings

Tap room (4th floor of Memorial Hall)

Informational meeting for international students.



Fleet Library

Hear from RISD faculty/staff and meet your Orientation Leaders.


Parent Reception

Last chance for Parents to say goodbye. Enjoy refreshments in the library.


Dinner with Orientation Groups

Enjoy a family style dinner and get to know your new classmates.


Night on the Town

Tazza Movie Night—Erica, Misha

Gallery Night—Marge, Yo-E

Out and About—Kenny

Students are free to explore what Providence has to offer. Variety of suggested activities will be provided such as an outdoor movie screening outside Tazza Café.

Friday, June 18


Breakfast at the The Met.


Welcome from Dean Stryker and Dean Bright

Met Room A

Deans of Foundation Studies and Fine Arts will give a brief address before your OLs lead you to your department meetings.


Departmental Advising Meetings

Department Offices

Meet with a staff member that will answer your questions about your experience with RISD.


Kick Off Barbecue/Navigating RISD Resource Fair

Enjoy lunch outside on Nickerson Green with campus community members and gather information on resources at RISD. If it rains, head to the upper met!


Optional one-on-one advising

Upper Met

Optional individual questions answered about individual transcripts and credit inquiries.


Group Time

Meet with your Orientation Leaders at previously specified locations for group activities.


Campus Tours

After your group activities discover the RISD campus and gain your footing with your OL.


Pizza Party

Meet at the Tap Room (4th floor of Memorial Hall) for Pizza and fun!!!


OL Programmed Evening

Meet with your Orientation Leaders for a relaxed, (or not) evening as a group.

Saturday, June 19


Breakfast at The Met.


Meet your OLs at your pre–determined location to learn about the day’s activities and then go to the tap room


Getting the Most Out of RISD Crits

Tap Room (4th floor Memorial Hall)

Talk with faculty member, Chris Bertoni, and a panel of RISD students about critiques and how to learn the most from them.


Lunch in the Museum

Meet with young alumni and museum staff in the Danforth Room of the RISD Museum and grab a bite while you’re at it.


Transfer to Transfer

Tap Room (Memorial Hall)

Discuss what being a transfer student at RISD means with transfers who’ve done it before!


Providence Tour/Dinner in Providence

Get off campus and explore part of the city that you might not normally see.

Orientation Leaders will be escorting groups to various restaurants around the city following a tour of that restaurant district. Grab some pocket money and choose what sounds best for you. Then spend a night on the town getting to know your new classmates.

If you want to…

• Tour Federal Hill and eat at Bob and Timmy’s Grilled Pizza, meet Kenny at Market Square. $

• Explore Thayer Street and Wayland Square, then dine at Haruki (sushi), meet Yo-E on Waterman street side of Nickerson Green. $$$

• See Brown University and Universty Heights, then get spicy at Tortilla Flats, meet Erica on Angell street side of Nickerson Green! $$

• Take a trip to Wickenden Street and go Cambodian at Angkor, meet Misha on Frazier Terrace.$$

• Make your way downtown and relax at Trinity Brewhouse, meet Marge in front of the Chace Center. $$

Sunday, June 20



A zesty fusion of Breakfast, Lunch, and Love at The Met.


Open Workshops

Learn a new skill and choose from a selection of artist workshops. Choose from bookbinding (Met Room A), knitting, (Ewing House) or mold making (Met Room C).


Pool Party+ Rosie Food Truck,

Grab your bathing suit and towel, then head down to Charles Landing to cool off with good food and good people.


Students that are not participating in the Summer Foundation Studies Program must check out by this time.


Dinner with Foundations Faculty

The Met

Enjoy a nice evening and hear from some of the faculty you will be seeing this summer.


RA Hall Meetings

Congratulations! You made it through. Now meet with your RA’s for a quick informational meeting on basic rules and tips for your experience at RISD.

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