Peter Yeadon's Buckypaper in Architect

Architect magazine has published an article on new material technologies, which features a nanomaterial that was recently made by Peter Yeadon. Blaine Brownell, author of the well-known Transmaterial books, wrote the essay. Brownell reports on how a thin sheet of carbon nanotubes, called Buckypaper, was synthesized at Peter’s firm in New York City. Peter is hopeful that this new Buckypaper can be used as a thin, flexible electrode surface in an artificial muscle for architectural applications. There is a video of the lab work available on the Decker Yeadon website. A separate YouTube video shows a recent electrical conductivity test that was also performed in their lab.

Architect, Buckypaper, carbon nanotubes, Decker Yeadon, Elaine Brownell, Peter Yeadon, Transmaterial

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