Acciavatti studio in dwell magazine

Can the nation’s main thoroughfare, I-95, be a kinder, gentler place for the traveler?  In 2009 Wintersession Anthony Acciavatti (Critic, Architecture and Class of ’04) focused his students on thinking of I-95’s rest areas as occasions for design. The studio is featured in the June 2010 issue of dwell magazine. The resulting proposals were printed on 36,000 postcards and were distributed at I-95 rest areas.

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Rethinking and documenting complex infrastructure systems is a research thread that has led Acciavatti to the headwaters of the Ganges to the US’s Corn Belt. He is currently in the mid-west on a Professional Development Fund sponsored research trip to collect archival drawings, maps, and models, that document the intersection of modern corporate farming and urbanism as a landscape and infrastructure continuum. He hopes, with a traveling exhibition and publication, to raise awareness of urban and agrarian landscapes as managed resources with vast potential for a nation with fresh ideas about energy in the 21st century.

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