2010-2011 Capital Budget and Summer Facilities Projects

The final approved capital budget for 2010-11 is now posted on the Budget and Control intranet page (click this link, and then click on “2010-2011 Capital Budget” under “Documents”).  Please review these allocations as you begin your planning and requisitions for summer projects.

In addition to the many smaller departmental and divisional projects, there are several larger projects that will be taking place this summer that I want to bring to your attention.  These include:

1)  The renovation of BEB106 including new HVAC and other improvements to the function and finishes of this room.

2)  A series of improvements and moves on the 1st and 2nd floors of College Building at the South Main Street end of the building, including the move of Liberal Arts faculty into the spaces previously occupied by Student Affairs and Student Development, the move of the Writing Center to the 2nd floor (already completed), and the creation of a new CAD lab for Textiles on the 1st floor in the former Writing Center space.  Our intention is that these moves and improvements will create a “critical mass” of faculty and student activity and increase the use of the Faculty Lounge at this end of College Building.

3)  Program and code improvements to Carr House and the move of Student Affairs into this building.  The planned improvements to Carr House will allow us to re-open the 3rd floor of this building, providing necessary space for Student Affairs offices and student programming space on the 1st floor.  The museum curators and the current Foundation Studies offices in the basement will remain in this building.

4)  The move of Student Development to Thompson House (already completed).  This move will make room for Liberal Arts faculty offices in College Building and provide Student Development with a new location that is accessible and provides necessary confidentiality for students making use of their services.

5)  Improvements to ISB, including façade and window restoration and sound mitigation in ISB 502.

6)  The move of TLAD from its current location on the 2nd floor of Prov/Wash to the 2nd floor of CIT.  This will provide TLAD students and faculty with a direct connection to the larger RISD graduate community.  The space currently occupied by TLAD will be renovated as a Foundation Studies studio to account for anticipated over-enrollments in the first year class.

7)  The renovation of DC 409 (former Graphic Design dark room) and adjacent rooms to accommodate new digital classroom and printing facilities for Graphic Design.

These are the most significant projects currently planned for this summer.  Other smaller projects are itemized in the approved capital budget for 2010-2011.   All of these projects have received approval by the department/unit, the division, academic affairs, the capital budget committee, the facilities committee, and the president’s advisory committee.

I will be updating the RISD community on the progress of these and other projects throughout the summer.  If you have any questions on any of these projects, or on other specifics with respect to the capital budget process or approved allocations for 2010-2011 please feel free to be in touch with me directly.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

David Bogen, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (dbogen@risd.edu; 401 454-6417)

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