Professional Development Fund Spring awards

The Professional Development Fund Committee met early this month for deliberations for its Spring round of funding. The Committee received 32 proposals requesting $137,000 in support. The Committee is proud to announce its support of the following projects:

Silvia Acosta’s (Professor, Architecture) research and development of a learning center where Guatemalan farmers will learn about sustainable practices

Debra Balken’s (Lecturer, Graduate Studies) research on Mark Tobey’s work in Japan for her essay for a retrospective of his work

Markus Berger’s (Associate Professor, Interior Architecture) research in Vienna for a memorial and exhibition space proposed to be sited in the Ahrenberg flak towers

Mary Bergstein (Professor, History of Art + Visual Culture) archival research for her new book project “Photographic Culture in the World of Marcel Proust”

Rachel Berwick’s (Professor, Glass) development and creation of works focusing on bird migration and the history of its study for her upcoming solo show

Lee Boroson (Senior Critic, Sculpture) for material support of his site specific installation at the Santa Monica piers

Scheri Fultineer (Term Appt., Landscape Architecture) for her research on Bronze Age burial practices and sitings

Jonathan Highfield’s (Professor, English) research in New Zealand on indigenous food culture

Nicole Merola’s (Assistant Professor, English) archival research, interviews, and site visit at the Nine Nevada Depressions

Pascale Rihouet’s (Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) archival research at the Corning Museum of Glass and Rakow Library for an article on the role of glass in shaping social codes

Mark Sherman’s (Professor, English) research on Dante in Ravenna, home to Byzantine mosaics influential to the thematics of Dante’s paradise.

Dean Snyder’s (Professor, Sculpture) work at Bejing FX Stone in China to produce stone works to be shown in Sydney, Australia

Joanne Stryker (Professor, Foundation Studies) archival research in the UK and France on scientific drawing and its commonalities and differences with art drawing

Anne West (Senior Lecturer, Graduate Studies) for design fees associated with the publication of her book “Mapping the Intelligence of Visual Work”.

The 2009/10 Professional Development Fund Committee: Jan Baker (Graphic Design), Edward Dwyer (History, Philosophy and Social Sciences), Ann Fessler (Photography), Elinore Nacheman (Library), Jocelyn Prince (Glass). Chaired by Provost Jessie Shefrin.

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