Peter Yeadon lectures at SUNY Nano-Sensing symposium

Associate Professor Peter Yeadon has been invited to deliver a lecture at the upcoming Nano-Sensing: Vision Touch Soundsymposium, and participate in its panel discussion. The symposium will be hosted by the State University of New York, May 10-11, at SUNY Buffalo. Invited experts will focus on projects that disseminate information and ideas related to various aspects of nanotechnology: scientific, technological, social, cultural, ethical, political, global, and aesthetic. Peter will present student projects from his RISD advanced design studios that focus on nanomaterials and smart materials, Future Studio and Reactive Matter, along with a selection of works from Decker Yeadon in New York City.

Decker Yeadon, Future Studio, Nano-Sensing: vision Tourch Soundsymposium, nanomaterials, Peter Yeadon, Reactive Matter, smart materials, State University of New York, SUNY Buffalo

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