Peter Yeadon attracts interest of PIG, and others

This month, a new type of chair that reduces energy consumption and waste will be published by a few magazines: PIG (Milano), GQ Italia (Milano), and Elle Decor Indonesia (Jakarta). The chair is being developed at Decker Yeadon LLC, in New York City, where Associate Professor Peter Yeadon is a partner.

Already being hailed as “Furniture 2.0” on various websites and design blogs, OOoo Chair targets the amount of energy that is embodied in the manufacture, shipment, and disposal of furniture. Weighing less than 200 grams of recycled HDPE, the design almost entirely does away with our notion of what constitutes a chair. The result is a seat consisting of two holes in the floor, but this doesn’t mean that the floor can’t remain a floor. The chair has been designed so that the smooth rings lining the holes provide comfort, and can also support hole covers that return the floor to a walkable surface when the seat is unoccupied.
A couple of other projects by Decker Yeadon, PAAR Silverware and SmartScreen, were also recently published by Architectural Record.

Decker Yeadon, Peter Yeadon

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