May 2010 Update from Media and Partners

Media + Partners Year-End Summary 2009-2010

Executive Summary

The year was spent revamping some of our pillar communications channels in support of recruiting students and building a community of alumni engagement.  These included working with the community to complete the design for a new RISD web site (currently in development), the launch of a new alumni magazine, the launch of a new online application, and the redesign of our admissions acceptance materials.

Media + Partners also worked continuously to promote RISD’s reputation through the media.  This included doing international media outreach for the President and school initiatives. Finally, we supported several partnered research studios.

Major Projects Started and Completed

1. Launch of New Alumni Magazine, RISDXYZ. With its initial issue arriving in homes in May, RISDXYZ represents a full reconception and redesign of the previous magazine, RISD Views. The new magazine was developed in partnership with Institutional Engagement and alumni designer Criswell Lappin MFA 97 GD.  Its mission is to be more focused on the alumni community, to showcase people as well as their work, and to provide numerous ways for alumni to contribute in each issue. We thank Jennifer Prewitt-Freilino for being our inaugural contributor to our “Listen” thought piece column.
2. Redesign of Admissions and Acceptance Materials. In partnership with Admissions and OIT, Media + Partners supported the implementation of a new online application.  It provides applicants a user-friendly, reliable application experience.  We also worked with Admissions to redesign the acceptance packet for undergraduates and graduates to promote increased yield.  The new materials deliver easily navigable information and, we hope, an overall impression of the school commensurate with its reputation.
3. Development of Interactive Complement to Brilliant Line exhibition. Developed in concert with Curator Emily Peters and Professor Andrew Raftery, this interactive site further illuminated the art of intricate art of engraving showcased in the exhibition in an instructive, user-friendly way. This site showcases multimedia leadership for the Museum and garnered another Webby nomination for M+P designer Sam Liang, who is also the design lead on the project.
4. Partnerships with Hasbro, Unilever, LG. Working with Academic Affairs, Media + Partners helped to establish curricular partnerships with these global companies among others..

Major Projects Underway

1. Redesign of We are fully engaged in an in-depth process with many throughout the community to design and implement a new web site for the College. The design has been completed, and the site is currently in development.  The project has entailed many technology “projects within the project” beyond typical web site development which has pushed our launch date beyond the initial May target.  These include integration with Datatel for live faculty and course information, conversion to a content management system and PCI compliance. We would like to thank the Department Heads for all of their cooperation in rounding up assets and providing feedback so far. Special thanks go to Bill Newkirk for the design expertise he has lent throughout the process.
2. Arts and Design Advocacy. We have supported President Maeda’s ongoing advocacy for creativity, arts and design. This includes hosting influencer events with media, policy makers and business leaders, doing proactive press outreach, and strategically securing and leveraging speaking engagements.

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