Lee Boroson at Sara Meltzer Gallery

The work of Lee Boroson (Senior Critic, Sculpture) is featured at Sara Meltzer Gallery in Universal Solvent, an exhibition that also features work by Roger Anderson, Nina Katchadourianm and Jason Middlebrook .   The exhibition is on view April 23 – May 29, 2010. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm. 
“In this new body of work Lee Boroson considers cultural influences on our perception of the natural world. He views landscape as a construct, a very particular point of reference to view nature. With a deep interest in the Hudson River School painters and their attempt to capture nature, his interests lie in issues of denial, appropriation and ownership as they relate to representation and current environmental concerns. The works in Universal Solvent consider the containment of landscape through the sculptural representation of elemental forces, reassembling these components in one environment. By choosing subjects that are not conducive to being sculpture – water, ice, and smoke – he confronts the impossible task of capturing natural phenomena that are visually real, yet substantively ineffable, transient or evanescent.” from the Meltzer Gallery website

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