Jan Baker and Wendy Seller share Sheridan Center award

Each year RISD faculty and graduate students participate in Brown’s Sheridan Center’s ceritifcate programs which promote the development of a reflective teaching philosophy. At the conclusion of each academic year awards are given by RISD’s President, Provost ,and Dean of Graduate Studies to outstanding participants in the program.

The Provost’s Faculty Award for Professional Advancement in Teaching is shared this year by Jan Baker and Wendy Seller. Professor Jan Baker, Graphic Design Department designed her teaching philosophy as an art piece.  She represented each speaker in the Certificate Program in a visual poem.

Assistant Professor Wendy Seller, Foundation Studies.  Her teaching philosophy included collaborations, new media, visual presentations and student research. 

The RISD Graduate Student Awards are based on reflective teaching portfolios.  The winners will receive their Sheridan certificates this year.

The RISD’s President’s Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence was awarded to Minwon Kim from the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department. Her teaching portfolio carefully paced her classroom activities to balance critique and technique demonstration to increase learning outcomes.

The RISD Dean of Graduate Studies Graduate Student Award for Teachingwas awarded to Fonda Yoshimoto-Garner from the Ceramics Department. Fonda presented thoughtful plans for an effective class entitled “Ceramics and Light” with careful attention to the course goals and objectives and teaching to a variety of learners.

For information about the Sheridan Center and how to participate in next year’s certificate program, contact Andrew Raftery, the Sheridan Center 2010/11 liaison, araftery@risd.edu

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