Alumni Fulbrights in 2010

The following 4 alumni have received fulbrights in 2010-

Gigi Gatewood              Trinidad           PHOTOGRAPHY            MFA 2009
Explore the complexities and changes of the Orisha religion, provide historical documentation, and ultimately, publish a book that communicates the rich religious diversity of Trinidad.
Sloan Kulper                Bangladesh      INDUSTRIAL DESIGN     MID 2006
Study craft and manufacturing capabilities to develop a network for Bangladeshi industrial designers to experiment, rapidly prototype and manufacture new products.

Lindsey Meyer            Morocco           ARCHITECTURE           MArch 2006    
Document architectural building elements and artisan techniques in city of Fez; research how the artisan tradition can be a means to a sustainable economy while celebrating architectural heritage.

Michael Hahn               Cambodia         INDUSTRIAL DESIGN  BFA 2008 (FULBRIGHT ALTERNATE)
Design products to stimulate micro economies among populations in fiscal crisis; design a technologically appropriate tool or product to increase the annual income of impoverished rural farmers.

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