Mary Bergstein and Carrie Moyer in "The Studio Reader"

“The image of a tortured genius working in near isolation has long dominated our conceptions of the artist’s studio.” The anthology “The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists,” released by University of Chicago Press this spring explodes that myth. The book includes pieces by Carrie Moyer (Asst. Professor, Painting) and Mary Bergstein (Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture). Moyer’s essay is on her own artistic practice. Bergstein’s essay, “The Artist in His Studio: Photography, Art, and the Masculine Mystique,” was originally printed in the “Oxford Art Journal”, vol. 18 (1995). “The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists” reconsiders artists’ working conditions, concept of studio, and production strategies to illuminate our understanding of the artist. The  book, edited by Mary Jane Jacob and Michelle Grabner, also features contributions from Bruce Nauman, Robert Storr, Carolee Schneemann, and Buzz Spector.

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