Announcement of 2010-11 Tuition and Fees

TO ALL FACULTY:  This announcement was sent electronically to all students at RISD on March 9th and will be sent by hard copy to all families on March 10th.

March 2010

To RISD Students and Their Families,

I hope that spring semester has gotten off to a good start for you. As your new assignments and projects unfold, I trust they will provide continued confirmation that your education here is everything you thought it would be – and more, with serendipitous discoveries and personal breakthroughs.

As you know, each year as we carefully work to balance RISD’s budget, we are acutely aware of the impact of tuition, fees and related expenses on current students and their families. Never has this work been more difficult than this year when RISD, along with the world at large, has been dealing with the pervasive impact of the ongoing recession.

At its winter meeting, RISD’s Board of Trustees set tuition for the 2010–11 academic year at $38,000, which represents a 4.5% increase – the lowest increase in a full decade. As you know, fees for campus housing and dining plans vary depending on location, occupancy rate and the number of meals per week purchased. Details on housing and dining options will be forthcoming, but on average the cost of a double room will be $6,490 and participation in a 19+ meal plan will total $4,820.

Despite our best efforts to keep increases to a minimum, we recognize that in this time of continued economic downturn many families are struggling to make ends meet. With that in mind, we have made efforts to offer alternative payment plans, and have made scholarships and financial aid our highest fundraising priority.

Fortunately, RISD’s strong values and unshakable commitment to quality have remained unchanged by the global financial crisis. We continue to strengthen our academic programs and hone the exceptional qualities that drew you to RISD and make it such an extraordinary place to learn.


John Maeda


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