Mary Bergstein – new book on Freud from Cornell University Press

“Mirrors of Memory: Freud, Photography and the History of Art”  written by Mary Bergstein (Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture) will be released by Cornell University Press in April 2010.   Bergstein has spent the last several years researching Freud and his collection of art and art books: in 2007 she was a fellow at the Freud Institute in Vienna to conduct key research.  Bergstein proposes that art–photography in particular–subtly infused Freud’s thinking and practice in ways that have reverberated throughout the Western world via the influence of analysis. To read more click here

From one of the reviews:

“Mirrors of Memory is an extraordinary interdisciplinary book, bringing together psychoanalysis, Freud’s intellectual and emotional biography, the history of photography and its intellectual and popular reception, and the historiography of art. Mary Bergstein explores both Freud’s work and the history of photography in depth and detail, with all their complexities and contradictions. Deeply scholarly and imaginatively researched, each chapter is a gem, and each page is thoroughly engrossing. In exploring all dimensions of Freud’s visual imagination, it literally and figuratively opened my eyes to images and possibilities of which I had only been dimly aware.”—Bennett Simon, MD, Harvard Medical School and author of “Mind and Madness in Ancient Greece: The Classical Roots of Modern Psychiatry”

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