Mallica Kumbera Landrus's Princeton Seminar in India

Mallica Kumbera Landrus (Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) will lead the intensive Princeton University seminar “Religion and Politics in Indian Art and Architecture: Global Seminar in India 2010” this summer. The course will be based in Goa and will include a ten day stint in Madurai where students will meet traditional artists.  The course will look at how religion, patronage, and Islamic and European colonizers influenced Indian art and architecture and will focus on remarkable architectural sites, including the 5th century Buddhist cave monastery at Ajanta, the 8th century rock cut Jain and Hindu temples at Ellora, and the grand monumental architecture of the Mughals in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. Princeton Professor Esther da Costa Meyer will join the seminar for a week and a half.

Division of Liberal Arts, Faculty, Mallica Kumbera Landrus

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