20th Library Staff Exhibition

“For me art is like a dessert; one of the great pleasures in life.  I’m neither a talented draftsman nor a tortured soul– I simply enjoy exploring different materials and methods, hoping for a serendipity to occasionally intervene and make a product that’s more thasn the sum of its parts.  Like strawberries and cream.” – Janet Grewer

Come see the work of Library staff on exhibit March 16 through April 8, 2010  at the Library, 15 Westminster.

Participating Artists:

Ariel Bordeaux, Anne Bulin, Marc Calhoun, Claudia Covert, Robert Garzillo, Gail Geisser, Susan Gifford, Janet Grewer, Andrew Martinez, Stephen McCaughey, Elinor Nacheman, Ellen Petraits, Mark Sweeney, Carol Terry, Alecia Underhill, Laurie Whitehill Chong

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