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Student Affairs Divisional Updates

 The Office of Student Life was busy this fall semester with several new initiatives. For example, RISD Exposé was a month long downtown student gallery sale run entirely by student volunteers. The works sold grossed $10,000! A great deal of positive feedback was received from this event.

 Residence Life’s occupancy for the fall semester increased by 24 students from the previous year for a total of 1409 students! The staff has been very busy improving programming for residential students and working to build community in the halls.

 After a very busy fall season, Health Services is gearing up for the spring term.  We are happy to share that there was an increase in vaccinations for the seasonal flu clinic (a total of 428) and an impressive total of 377 H1N1 vaccinations completed on campus.  This number is consistent with those from other area colleges.  Many were able to take advantage of RISD Health Services during September Orientation and the clinic has received some outstanding feedback!

 RISD/Careers/ has concentrated efforts to reach out to alumni, students, faculty and the world by using facebook (www.facebook.com/risdcareers), delicious (www.delicious.com/risdcareers),  and flickr (www.flickr.comrisdpromote). These networking sites improve communication and connections for the RISD community and beyond.

 The Office of Multicultural Affairs has worked collaboratively with OIP and Public Engagement to offer the “Year of Providence” programming series. This is “an acknowledgement of place and concept, a yearlong initiative committed to broad investigation and intentional collaboration”. Visit www.risdinpvd.org.

 A collaborative effort between the Registrar’s Office and Christina Bertoni has vastly improved academic advising. The folks in the Registrar’s Office have been amazingly supportive and helpful as we learn the “ropes” of RISD. We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest in academic advising improvements.

 Wintersession Programming

 Student Affairs is excited to share that there were even more programs offered this Wintersession!  Thanks to the collective efforts from Multicultural Affairs, Student Development & Counseling, Career Services and Residence Life there is an extensive programming “toolbox”.  This “toolbox” offers numerous of developmental programs such as leadership, wellness/fitness, career development & entrepreneurship, multicultural awareness, alumni outreach, and social networking. In addition,

Quickies are workshops coordinated by Student Alliance and are mostly students teaching other students what they have learned in the classroom.



 Student Development and Counseling Services has worked on a new wellness initiative related to teaching “Mindfulness & Meditation”. These programs are offered to the entire campus community and are offered as a miniseries on Fridays from 12:15 – 1 pm.

 Relief Efforts for Haiti

 Multicultural Affairs and Student Life are working to spearhead Haitian relief efforts on campus. Students are extremely excited by the opportunity to give their time, energy and money to assist those in need. Updates on campus relief efforts can be found at www.risd.edu.

  Full steam ahead!

 Commencement (June 5, 2010) and Orientation planning are in full swing. Thanks to Media + Partners, we have a new commencement website at www.risd.edu/commencement.  The new Orientation website is under construction so stay tuned for the live version which will be pushed shortly.

 Thank you for your continued support of our programs and services. We will provide periodic updates to keep you informed of the new initiatives from our area.

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