"Waste for Life" lands at RISD

This year Academic Affairs is sponsoring two interdisciplinary initiatives in the areas of sustainability, materials process, the environment, and economic and social justice:

The “Waste for Life” project  brings together faculty and students from Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Textiles, and several other RISD Departments to look at relatively inexpensive processes for fabricating new and innovative materials from plastic bags.  The Kingston “hot press” (above) was built this Fall in an ID studio taught by David Zitnick that explored materials and products that could be produced simply and inexpensively in countries around the world.  This press is built to the same standards as presses currently in use by the cartoneros in Buenos Aires for the creation of marketable materials and products from recyclable plastics.  The press will be used in three additional studios in different departments this Spring.  This initiative is connected to a broader “Waste for Life” network of “scientists, engineers, educators, architects, artists, designers, and cooperatives who work together to develop poverty-reducing solutions to specific ecological problems.”  For more information contact:  Charlie Cannon (ccannon@risd.edu)

This Spring, RISE (The RISD Initiative on Sustainability and the Environment) is partnering with the Respond Design student group to develop an exhibition and lecture series entitled “Green RISD 2010: Nature, Culture, Innovation.”  The aim this project is to:  1) highlight, celebrate and engage the public with the most innovative work that has gone on in the broad fields of eco-design and society/culture/nature relations at RISD over recent years and 2) create a unique and innovative set of talks where students, faculty and Rhode Island residents will be invited to engage in reflection on the present and future of eco-design and the environmental debate.  For more information contact:  Anne Tate (atate@risd.edu) or Damian White (dwhite@risd.edu)

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