"RISD Students Try Artistic Approach to Haiti Relief"

“The curriculum at the Rhode Island School of Design lacks instruction in emergency medicine and search and rescue techniques, but creative RISD students are still finding ways to get involved with disaster relief in Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake. The administration has tried to coordinate these student efforts and has also worked to support a RISD student working in Haiti during the earthquake…” read more from the Brown Daily Herald.

RISD Responds is a collaborative blog for individuals in the RISD community who wish to become involved with Haiti relief efforts. A listing of campus wide initiatives and relevant links can be found here. Also, RISD Alumnus Aaron Perry-Zucker (GD ’09 & creator of Design for Obama) has began Design for Haiti to “showcase posters and information graphics that advocate relief contributions and increase understanding of the plight of Haitians affected by the earthquake.”

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