Professional Development Fund Spring 2010 deadline

During the past year, the Professional Development Fund has provided support for Heddi Seibel’s exhibit about a failed expedition to the North Pole, Peter Tagiuri’s investigation of sustainable building practices implementing traditional techniques in earthquake devasted China, and Christina Connett’s research on Islamic cartography during the Age of Discovery.  A wide spectrum of other creative and scholarly projects were also funded by the Professional Development Grant Fund.

Teachers discuss plans for their new school, Szechuan, China (photo courtesy P Taguiri)

Since its inception, the Professional Development Fund has granted more than $1,468,500 in release time, research, travel, and creative projects. Awards usually range from $1000 – $5000, with an average of $2400. 

The Professional Development Grant Committee urges all faculty, librarians and museum curators to submit applications for research and creative projects to be undertaken between July 1 and December 31, 2010.  The deadline for electronic submission of complete proposals to the committee’s secretary is 11:59pm Wednesday, April 7, 2010. 

Supporting material must be submitted along with the application that will assist the Committee in understanding the proposed project and/or its relationship to your previous work.  Proposals may be (but do not have to be) accompanied by a statement of support by someone in a position to evaluate the proposal, such as department head, dean, director of the applicant’s area, or experts in the applicant’s field.  Supporting materials must include a current curriculum vitae and evidence of your work.

Please note that the Committee accepts and reviews applications and support materials in electronic format only (via e-mail, disk, or memory stick). Request a WORD version of the application and guidelines by e-mailing a request to the Committee’s secretary at

 You are welcome to review past proposals and project reports and or to ask the committee’s secretary for editorial assistance and budget review prior to your application submission.

 The members of the 2009/10 Professional Development Fund Committee are:

 Jessie Shefrin, Chair; Jan Baker, Graphic Design; Edward Dwyer, HPSS; Ann Fessler, Photography;  Elinor Nacheman, Library; and Jocelyn Prince, Glass

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