Lauren Was and Ghost of a Dream

Lauren Was (Critic, Sculpture) and Adam Eckstrom’s Ghost of a Dream collaborative practice has won one the inaugural Young Master Art prizes sponsored by AXA Insurance. Their work and the work of the other prize winners will be touring in 2010 as part of Corbett Futures.  The team was awarded a 2009 IAAB Fellowship for the six-month International Artist Atelier residency Program in Basel, Switzerland. Their work was featured in two shows in Basel–the Scope Art Fair and the Volta Show 5–and at the Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York. They have been granted a 2010 residency at the Vierter Stock Projektraum in Berlin. Their upcoming shows include: This is it, (solo) Volta at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, NY ; Opulence, a solo show at the  Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing China; Against Surfing at the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL; and Future Perfect, The Freedman Gallery at Albright College in Reading, PA.

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