Daniel Heyman exhibit at Swathmore College

 As part of the Philagrafika Festival celebrating print in contemporary art, January 29 thru April 11, 2010, Daniel Heyman will have a solo show, “Bearing Witness,” at the List Gallery at Swarthmore College and opening March 4. His upcoming events include group exhibitions at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, The Free Library, and the McCabe Library at Swarthmore. Heyman will also participate in the First Person Arts Salon and a panel at the Southern Graphics Council Conference. He was a panelist on the “The Art of War: Conflict, Trauma, and Representation from the Viet Nam War to Today” panel at the College Art Association Conference, 2/23/10.

Daniel Heyman was one of 17 artists who collaborated with households previously on the verge of homelessness: the resulting work was shown by the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. Heyman’s (Critic, Printmaking) portraits of African Americans painted at the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers, and a series of watercolor portraits of detainees and torture victims from Abu Ghraib Prison were exhibited alongside Chris Bartlett’s photographic portraits at the McIninch Art Gallery, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH. The show was curated by the gallery’s director Deborah Disston and NHPR’s Virginia Prescott interviewed Heyman about the show on “Word of Mouth.” Some of Heyman’s Abu Ghraib related work and work about victims of the 2007 massacre at Nisour Square in Baghdad were featured in “War Work: Artists Address Iraq and Other Wars” a traveling show featured at Carleton College in Minnesota and at the College of Wooster.

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