Strategic Planning Process

Every few years RISD engages in a communal exercise in long-range planning to provide a big picture view of where we want to be headed and what it will take to get there in terms of staff, facilities, finances, or in changes in structure or program.

The current Strategic Planning process began in December 2009 with the establishment of four themed Area Working Groups — Life At/After RISD; Local/Global Engagement; Sustainability + the Environment; Healthcare + Wellness — and a Core Academic Group that was further divided into four sub-groups: Academic Permeability, Diversity, Infrastructure, and Networks, Partnerships and Collaborations. These groups met over a 5-month period to develop goals and objectives within each theme area that were passed along to a smaller Summer Work to synthesize into a single, coherent framework from which the Strategic Plan will be developed in the Fall 2010.

The working groups have engaged a broad campus-wide constituency in the planning process, including faculty, staff, administration and students. Complete lists of participants can be found on the Strategic Planning website:

Reports on the planning process have been made along the way and will continue to be made on the Strategic Planning Website, at Faculty Meetings in the Fall, and at the October Board of Trustees meeting. A draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Faculty at the December 1, 2010, Faculty Meeting, with the goal of having the completed plan ready for the February 2011 Faculty Meeting for endorsement prior to its presentation to the Board of Trustees at the end of February 2011. The Strategic Planning Website also serves as a means for members of the RISD Faculty to respond and contribute to the planning process.

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