RISD Graduate Studies Launches RISD Feed

RISD Graduate Studies announces RISD FEED (feed.risd.edu), a graduate student and alumni initiative created to give graduate students an online presence in and outside of RISD. When graduate students log in to the website using their RISD username and password, they are given the ability to upload their own process, work, personal websites, inspiring quotes, and announcements for everyone to see.

A major feature of RISD Feed is “Filter” which gives visitors the ability to use keywords to fine tune searches. By clicking on “Filter” in the top navigation in the Process, Announcements, or Students sections, visitors can use keywords to filter posts to the top of the screen. For each of the RISD graduate departments, this feature can generate a direct feed to all posts made from their students to patch directly into their websites as a portfolio page.

RISD Feed is directly linked to the RISD calender and will post announcements entered in the website on the large TV’s all around campus. This gives the graduate body a direct link to share gallery openings, visiting lectures, and any events in and around RISD.

In “Graduate Studies”, users can view documentaries of RISD ’09 MFA Graduates, announcements and information about RISD Graduate Studies office.

During the 2010 Spring semester, RISD Graduate Studies will be making a large announcement about RISD FEED to magazines, galleries, curators, established artists, and professionals.

RISD FEED was created with the combined efforts of Nate and Kirk Mueller DM10, Serena Kuo DM08 and Lucas Roy DM08 from Studio Mercury and supported by RISD Graduate Studies.

For more information about how RISD FEED works and can help your department contact us at feedback@feed.risd.edu.

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