Mobile Earth – An Exploration of Smart Phone Technologies for Environmental Monitoring and Education

EARTH University is at the forefront of identifying, testing and sharing techniques for sustainable development in the humid tropics.  With an internationally acclaimed agriculture program, EARTH draws students from around the world and prepares them to become leaders in their local communities. Committed to advocacy and innovation, EARTH alumni are known for advancing “sustainable farming and natural resource management methods at all scales.”

Since the fall of 2008, RISD has been working with EARTH to explore the use of smart-phone technologies for field-based research and education programs. At Earth, these technologies offer new ways of collecting, sharing and evaluating field data to gauge the effectiveness of different agricultural techniques. These possibilities illustrate how wireless and phone-based technologies can help advance sustainable agriculture across emerging economies.

Mobile Earth developed out of the Fall 2008 Innovation Studio in Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture (itself part of a longer term partnership between Earth University and RISD). Digital Media hosted students in the Mobile Technology Workshop in the Spring of 2009 and ID sponsored a Ubiquitous Computing Studio in the Fall of 2009 to further the research.

Mobile Earth is currently seeking funding for proof of concept testing in Rhode Island and Costa Rica in 2010 and 2011.

Digital + Media, EARTH University, Industrial Design, Innovation Studio, Landscape Architecture, Mobile Earth, Mobile Technology Workshop

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