Fall 2009 Professional Development Fund awards

"Make You Stronger," Judy Maloney

The Professional Development Fund Committee* met in December to deliberate on a record number of proposals. The Committee received 42 proposals totaling more than $182,000 in requests for support. In response to this landslide of proposals, the $42,500 slated to be disbursed for the fall cycle was augmented by an additional $13,000 by the Provost. While the Committee keenly feels the limits of available funding in light of the breadth and quality of the proposals it received, it is proud to announce its support of the following projects:

Anthony Acciavatti (ARCH, Critic): research for a book on a new paradigm for a sustainable Corn Belt infrastructure.

Daniel Cavicchi (HPSS, Assc. Professor): Wesleyan Press’s publication of his book on 19th century urban musical entertainments.

Christina Connett (HAVC, Lecturer): research of Islamic cartography in the collection of the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani in Doha, Qatar for an ongoing book project on maps from the age of discovery.

Nancy Friese (TLAD, Professor): study of wood engraving with master engraver Simon Brett.

Henry Horenstein (PHOTO, Professor): production of a documentary on Murray Hill, neo-burlesque pioneer and drag king.

"Murray Hill with Miss Exotic World," Henry Horenstein

Michael Lee (LDAR, Lecturer): research of early landscape architecture practice and pedagogy at the Horticultural Museum of Germany.

Kyna Leski (ARCH, Professor): release time to work on her manuscript on the creative process.

Judith Maloney (FOUND, Senior Critic): her artist residency in Greenland where she will paint the Arctic horizon and the human figure struggling with the challenges of working and living in an extreme environment.

Daniel Peltz (FAV, Assc. Professor): pre-production research in the US and United Kingdom for a collectively constructed non-fiction video project on the free school movement.

Steven Smith (PHOTO, Assc. Professor):  travel to the US Southwest to capture the the effect of the economic crisis on boom time developments that had invaded the wilderness.

Seth Stem (ID, Professor): material studies for a prototype light-bodied electric powered urban vehicle.

Lynette Widder (ARCH , Assc. Professor): publication of a book of Rhode Island based modern architect Ira Rakatansky. John Caserta (GRAPH, Critic) and Thad Russell (PHOTO, Critic) respectively designed and produced photography for the book.

Peter Yeadon (INTAR, Assc. Professor): experimentation with changing the size and shape of nano-tubes towards developing a new green architectural technology.

*2009/10 Professional Development Fund Committee: Jan Baker, Edward Dwyer, Ann Fessler, Elinor Nacheman, Jocelyn Prince, Jessie Shefrin, Chair.

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