Update from the Academic Policies Committee

To the Department Heads:

The Academic Policies Committee is a sub-committee of the Instruction Committee.  The committee reviews academic policies and proposed changes in academic programs that are not solely department specific.

Last year the committee reviewed changes to the RISD/Brown Dual Degree Program, graduate transfer credit and academic dishonesty.  We will be continuing reviewing academic dishonesty this year, working with the Associate Provost for Student Affairs. We will also review coordination of the Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook and Course Announcement and the form for secondary majors at RISD.  The internship program is being reviewed this year to evaluate its effectiveness.

If you have any issues that are policy issues or are broader (not departmental) changes in academic programs please contact Carol Lasch, the Chair of the Academic Policies Committee.  Any changes that would be published in the Course Announcement need to be proposed in time to allow review by the Academic Policies Committee and the Instruction Committee before the March publication deadline.

Thank you,

Carol Lasch


Academic Policies Committee

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