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Saito Publishes Across Europe

Yuriko Saito (Professor, History, Philosophy + the Social Sciences) has had her second book, Aesthetics of the Familiar: Everyday Life and World-Making, was published by Oxford University Press. In addition to the Aesthetics of the Familiar Saito was also recently published, Arjen estetiikan vihertyminen, which is the Finnish translation of “The Greening of Everyday Aesthetics” in Vihreä päänsärky! […]

Saito Publishes on the Japanese Garden

                          Yuriko Saito’s, Japanese Gardens: the Art of Improving Nature, is included in Japanese Environmental Philosophy, recently published by Oxford University Press edited by J. Baird Callicott and James McRae. Saito was invited to contribute a revised version of her original essay that first […]

Saito delivers a talk at The University of Tokyo

Yuriko Saito (Professor, History, Philosophy + the Social Sciences)  was recently invited to speak at a symposium on The Aesthetics of Perfection and Imperfection held at The University of Tokyo. Saito’s presentation was entitled, The Role of Imperfection in Everyday Aesthetics, it explored the aesthetic, moral, social, political, and environmental value of developing a positive aesthetic […]

Saito Presents at Aesthetic Pleasure Symposium

Yuriko Saito (Professor, History, Philosophy + the Social Sciences) gave a presentation entitled Everyday Aesthetics and the Beauty of Artifacts at the symposium Aesthetic Pleasure in Design held at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. The symposium was the capstone event for a multi-year project on Unified Model of Aesthetics (UMA) which included the production of […]

Saito’s Article on Body Aesthetics is Published.

Yuriko Saito (Professor, History, Philosophy + the Social Sciences) is  one of the 16 authors published in a new edited anthology entitled Body Aesthetics, which was recently published by Oxford University Press. Saito’s article is entitled Body Aesthetics and the Cultivation of Moral Virtues. In the piece she examines how the moral worth of one’s action is determined not […]

Saito gives a talk on everyday aesthetics at Yale Union, Portland

Yuriko Saito (Professor, History, Philosophy, + the Social Sciences) was invited to speak at the End of Summer Program hosted at Yale Union, Portland, OR. This program invites 7 young artists from Japan to be artists-in-residence at Yale Union for one month in August. Saito discussed the serious consequences, whether environmental, social, or political, of […]

‘Questioning Aesthetics’ Public Symposium (11/12th March 2016)

RISD, in conjunction with the Transdisciplinary Aesthetics Foundation, is hosting a public symposium, ‘Questioning Aesthetics’ on March 11th and 12th, 2016. Events will be held in the Old Library and Chace Center. The symposium, part of an ongoing national and (in the future) international series, is an opportunity for the RISD community to come together […]

Questioning Aesthetics symposium planned

RISD will be hosting a “Questioning Aesthetics” Symposium next March. A series of symposium on the same theme has taken place and will take place at different schools, inspired by the publication of the second edition of 6 volume Encyclopedia of Aesthetics published by Oxford University Press last summer. The first symposium took place at […]