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Werner Presents Workshop and Student Work at MOTYF 2016

  Franz Werner (Professor, Graphic Design) will conduct a workshop entitled Visual Discourse at the 2016 International Moving Type Festival (MOTYF2016) being held at the Gutenberg Museum (Liebfrauenstraße 5, Mainz) on the 24th and 25th November 2016. In addition to his workshop Werner will also feature student work from his classes Type + Image in […]

Writing Center Welcomes Jim Zvi, Assistant Director ELL

The Writing Center is delighted to introduce Jim Zvi, RISD’s new Assistant Director of English Language Learning (ELL). Jim will work as an educator and advocate for RISD’s ELL students and in partnership with faculty to enrich their academic experience. Jim comes to us from Hong Kong Polytech, where he has been teaching ELL students […]

Subotnick Film, FIGHT, Wins Award

Steven Subotnick’s (Critic, Film/Animation/Video) animation, FIGHT, recently won an award at the ReAnimania Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. FIGHT, a four-minute animation depicting a showdown between two motley characters, was awarded the Juries’ Special Mention award in the Best Short Film category. ReAnimania’s goals are to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation […]

Subotnick Films Screened Worldwide

TWO, an animation by Steven Subotnick (Critic, Film/Animation/Video), was recently screened in a group show at the Galerie du Haut-Pave in Paris. In addition, his film, FIGHT, will be screened in competition at the Expotoons Festival in Buenos Aires,Argentina; Reanimania Festival in Yerevan, Armenia; and the Golden Orchid Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

Subotnick and Hlynsky at The Mine Factory

Steven Subotnick (Critic, Film/Animation/Video) and Dennis Hlynsky (Professor, Film/Animation/Video) will each be showing their work in “Framed: Independent and Experimental Animation,” a curated show at The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh, PA. “Framed is an exhibition of nationally and internationally renowned filmmakers and animators who have striven to push boundaries of traditional media and integrate two-dimensional processes […]

Greenlee Performance “Temporary Ocean (in Light and Sound)”

Shawn Greenlee (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) will perform at two Magic Lantern screenings on 10/16 and 10/17, which include film and video works by Paul Sharits, Billy Roisz, Mike Stoltz, Donna Cameron, Guy Sherwin, and Beverly and Tony Conrad. An undulating cine-installation where flicker films give way to experiments with audio-visual feedback, optical soundtracks, and […]

Hlynsky Work Selected in Berlin

Work by Dennis Hlynsky (Professor, Film/Animation/Video) has been selected for the screening “Trans-ideology: Nostalgia,” to be held in Berlin, August 5-9, 2013. This short film festival will show new video work from international artists covering a wide range of ideas surrounding the concept of nostalgia. Hlynsky’s film, “Tales of a Digital Immigrant,” tells a series […]