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Grugl & Wong Keeping History Above Water

Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) and Michael Grugl (Critic, Interior Architecture) presented, Projecting Change, at the Keeping History Above Water conference in Annapolis, MD. Projecting Change was the work of Interior Architecture students in the MA in Adaptive Reuse class from Spring 2017 that utilized augmented and virtual reality to project visions for combating sea […]

Wong Presents at UPenn’s Design + Heritage Symposium

Liliane Wong (Department Head and Professor, Interior Architecture) recently presented, Snapchatting Heritage, at the University of Pennsylvania Design + Heritage Symposium. Snapchatting Heritage is the current work of the students of Interior Architecture’s Master of Art in Adaptive Reuse. The project which focuses on the impact of sea level rise on a neighborhood of Newport […]

Cieri on “Sea-Level in Boston”

Marie Cieri (Critic, Graduate Studies; Lecturer, HPSS) will present a paper on “Sea-Level in Boston: A Geographic Art Intervention” during the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) April 8-12, 2014 in Tampa, FL. As stated in Cieri’s paper abstract, “Recent maps of potential sea-level rise in Boston show significant loss of land, […]