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Peltz Awarded Funding for Bureau of Irrational Affairs

Daniel Peltz (Professor, Film Animation + Video) was awarded a highly competitive seed-funding grant from the Swedish National Arts Grants Committee for the development of a new Bureau of Irrational Affairs within the regional government of Finspång, Sweden. Peltz has been working in Finspång since a 2007 Fulbright artistic research grant brought him to the […]

Better reinstalls The Big Hammock

Hansy Better Barraza (Associate Professor, Architecture) is reinstalling the Big Hammock project in Boston. The Big Hammock is intended to serve the community as a simple lounge space as well as a sculptural expression. The Big Hammock created new ways to interact with and admire the urban and historical setting, complimenting the greenway as space of […]

Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia

Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia is a public art and urban research project taking place at City Hall in Spring 2015. Through a series of art installations, public events, and community-sourced maps, the project asks a central guiding question: What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia? We will begin to […]

Hirsch Sculpture Unveiled

Ann Hirsch’s (Critic, Ceramics) sculpture honoring Boston Celtics Legend Bill Russell will be unveiled at Boston City Hall Plaza, November 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm. Hirsch’s approach focuses on the body, movement and traditional sculpture technique to create spaces for interaction that enhance the experience of a place. The artwork represents Bill Russell the whole […]

Hirsch Selected for City Hall Installation

Ann Hirsch (Critic, Sculpture / Critic, Ceramics) has been named the new artist for the Bill Russell Legacy Project. Bill Russell is a former Boston Celtics’ Captain and five-time NBA Most Valuable Player. The first African American to coach the NBA – or any major sport at the professional level in the U.S. – Russell […]

Mikyoung Kim in Surface Magazine

“Surface Magazine” featured a piece on “The Bridge Tender’s House”, Mikyoung Kim’s (Professor, Landscape Architecture)  kaleidoscope installation at the 14th Street Bridge watchtower in Washington, DC. The kaleidoscope is constructed of six dichroic acrylic cones placed inside the tower, one facing each window pane. Each cone contains a mirror and a light. The dichroic cones produce […]