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Cardini’s ‘Fake in Italy’ at Wanted Design, NYC

Paolo Cardini (Associate Professor, Industrial Design) and his collaborator Simone Muscolino had their project ‘Fake in Italy’ on display at Wanted Design NYC between the 13th and 16th May 2016. Fake in Italy is a project about cultural appropriation and objects’ identity. It takes the shape of a collection of experimental objects based on the […]

Yeadon hip protectors enter the marketplace

Yeadon Space Agency, Prevent Products Inc., and Viemeister Industries have partnered to introduce a new hip protector which features advanced foam technology that rapidly absorbs impact shock. Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) worked directly on the project and provided materials expertise on the new foam, which has now been trademarked as PPI-RAP™. The foam is […]

I Have an Idea for a Business

Join us for a lively panel discussion with four design entrepreneurs as they share their personal business experiences, all moderated by Bill Foulkes (Critic, Industrial Design). Panelists include- Miles Endo of Endo Studio, Martin Keen of Focal Upright, Katelyn Schultz of Dakini, inc, and Gretchen Harnick of Pattern to Plan.