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Rihouet Presents and Publishes

Pascale Rihouet (Senior Lecturer, Histroy of Art + Visual Culture) has presented her research at the conference on, Flags, Identity, Memory: Critiquing the Public Narrative through Color at the Université de Lille. She gave a talk entitled, Flags and their Public Life in Medieval and Renaissance Italy (law, art, and ritual), on 9th February 2018. Rihouet’s research […]

Rihouet Gives Papers in Rome and Assisi

Pascale Rihouet (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture)gave a presentation on conflict in processions entitled, Cortei trionfali e disordini spettacolari nella Perugia rinascimentale, at the international conference Il teatro del sacro. Pratiche di dialogo tra religione e spettacolo organized by the Università degli studi of Perugia, 8-10 Sept. 2017 in Assisi. Rihouet also gave a talk […]

Hogarth and Rihouet Give Paper at CAA Conference

Emma Hogarth (Critic, Experimental and Foundation Studies) and Pascale Rihouet (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) gave a paper entitled, Motion, Space, and Place: a Successful Design Studio/Art History Collaboration, at the 2017 College Art Association Annual Meeting held in XXXX. The paper was part of the session Art History for Studio Art and Graphic […]

Rihouet Gives Lecture at Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte

Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture) gave a talk entitled Public Life in Perugia: The Material Culture of Annunziata Confraternity at the Material Culture. Presence and Visibility of Artists, Guilds, Brotherhoods in the Pre-modern Era conference held at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (Munich) between the 24th and 28th February 2016. The proceedings will be published this summer […]

Professional Development Fund grants awarded

The Professional Development Fund Committee met mid-April to review project proposals submitted for its Spring 2015 funding cycle. The Committee is pleased to announce the following awards to: Silvia Acosta (ARCH) – drawing and writing spatial concepts, islands of Seto, Sea of Japan Eric Anderson (HAVC) – book project The Media of Objects: Design and Culture in Nineteenth-Century […]

Rihouet joins Renaissance Feasts and Festivals

At the Renaissance Society of America conference in Berlin (March 28), Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, HAVC) gave a paper entitled “Processional Glamour in Post-Tridentine Umbria,” in the panel “Renaissance Feasts and Festivals.” Invited by the Club Unesco Perugia-Gubbio, Rihouet gave a lecture in Perugia (Italy) on “Processioni nella Perugia rinascimentale: il patrimonio dell’identità e del potere, […]

Faculty Biennial includes Faculty Forum programs

Faculty Forum This year, the Museum offers an expanded opportunity for RISD faculty to share their works of art and design in theFaculty Biennial exhibition or present their research and expertise as teaching artists in a Faculty Forum. In this new forum, faculty members offer discussions, readings, papers, and performances—creating an exciting platform for public […]

Rihouet at the Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, HAVC) will give a paper entitled “Dining with Veronese: Art and Ritual in the refectory of San Giorgio Maggiore” at a conference in honor of Edward Muir. “Rethinking Early Modernity: Methodological and Critical Innovation since the Ritual Turn” is organized by the Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies in Toronto, June 25-27, […]

Rihouet on Renaissance brands

Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) has co-authored an article with Evelyn Lincoln, Brown University. The article, “Brands of Piety,” describes brands and trademarks in the Renaissance. It appeared in the University of California’s legal journal, “UC Davis Law Review,” vol. 47, no. 2, in December 2013.  

Rihouet to Speak in Paris

Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture) will give a talk (in French) in Paris on Nov. 29, entitled: “Total Art: Staging an Extraordinary Transfer of Relics (Perugia, 1609).” The venue is a symposium on “The Visual Dialectics of [inspiring] Faith: an Approach through Rhetoric, Objects, and Images.” The organizer is the LabEx [Laboratoire […]