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Byrne, Liese, and Schiff Present at SAR Conference on Writing

Mairéad Byrne (Professor, Literary Arts+Studies), Jennifer Liese (Director, Writing Center), and Karen Schiff (Lecturer, Graduate Studies) each presented at the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) annual conference on 28th and 29th April in The Hague. SAR is a Zurich-based non-profit organization that “nurtures, connects and disseminates artistic research as specific practices of creating knowledge and […]

Uncreative Practices: A Cross-Divisional RISD Symposium

RISD Museum Metcalf Auditorium March 11, 2015, 2-4.30pm Conversations have been building across RISD around Kenneth Goldsmith’s ideas of uncreativity (Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age, Columbia University Press 2011), and the relevance of process and systems-based generative methodologies (as opposed to notions of inspired and intuitive genius) to current practices in art and […]

Faculty Biennial includes Faculty Forum programs

Faculty Forum This year, the Museum offers an expanded opportunity for RISD faculty to share their works of art and design in theFaculty Biennial exhibition or present their research and expertise as teaching artists in a Faculty Forum. In this new forum, faculty members offer discussions, readings, papers, and performances—creating an exciting platform for public […]

Turner Fund grants awarded

Congratulations to recipients of the Robert Turner Theatrical and Performance Design Project grants for academic year 2015-16: Nick DePace (Senior Ciritic, Interior Architecture) and Bob Moody (Critic, Illustration) Behind the scene(s): The artifice, mechanics, contrivances and craft of the scenic arts to be taught in the Fall 2015 semester Martha Swetzoff (Senior Critic, FAV) and […]

Writing+ Final Event, 12/3

Tuesday December 2 CIT 103 6.30pm-9pm For the final class of Writing+, the audience is our honored guest.  During the semester, we have invited RISD faculty Sandy Gourlay, Mimi Cabell, and visitors John Cayley, Kenneth Goldsmith, Nick Montfort, and Amaranth Borsuk to speak in our open classes.  We began to notice the quality of our […]

Nick Montfort: Read, Write, Execute

Tuesday November 11 NICK MONTFORT: READ, WRITE, EXECUTE—YOU, YOUR GROUP, YOUR WORLD Nick Montfort develops literary generators and other computational art and poetry, and has participated in dozens of writing collaborations. He is the principal of the naming firm Nomnym. He is also a director of the Electronic Literature Organization. Montfort wrote the books of poems #! and Riddle & […]

Amaranth Borsuk: The Hand and the Page in the Digital Age

Tuesday November 18 AMARANTH BORSUK: THE HAND AND THE PAGE IN THE DIGITAL AGE Amaranth Borsuk is a poet, scholar, and book artist interested in textual materiality across media–from digital interactive works to hand-made objects. Her books include As We Know (Subito, 2014), a book-length erasure collaboration with Andy-Fitch; Handiwork (Slope, 2012) and Between Page and Screen (Siglio, 2012), a collaboration with Brad Bouse. An artist’s book […]

Kenneth Goldsmith: Uncreativity as Creative Practice

Tuesday October 21 KENNETH GOLDSMITH UNCREATIVITY AS CREATIVE PRACTICE: A PRIMER Kenneth Goldsmith (RISD BFA Sculpture 1984) is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry and poetics which redefine and vastly expand the field. He is the founding editor of the living archive UbuWeb. From 1996-2009, he hosted a weekly radio show on New York City’s […]

RISD 2050 Fund recipients selected

Congratulations to the recipients of the second cycle of awards from the RISD 2050 Fund! Mairéad Byrne (Professor, Literary Arts & Studies) for Writing +, a new graduate course for Fall 2014 focusing on the making of imaginary and imaginative models for writing. The course will include a speaker series open to the RISD community […]