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Chief Critic, Faculty Fellow and Global grants announced

RISD Faculty Fellow: Congratulations to Paolo Cardini, who has been named the Global Faculty Fellow at RISD for AY2016-2017. As the fellow, Paolo Cardini will spend a part of the academic year developing a Global Futures Lab within the RISD Global space where he will work with RISD students to develop discursive design projects that […]

RISD representatives at AICAD 2015

The following RISD representatives will be presenting at the 2015 AICAD Symposium, hosted by California College of the Arts, November 5-7, 2015. Brooks Hagan, Assistant Professor, Textiles: Funding Science Initiatives Brooks Hagan, Assistant Professor, Textiles: Machine Crafted Daniel Hewett, Executive Director, Research: Artist’s Tools/Scientist’s Tools Joy Ko, Critic, Architecture: Machine Crafted Neal Overstrom, Director, Nature […]

BRAIN STORM residency at Brown's Granoff Center

The Everett Dance Company will be at Brown for a five-day residency at Brown University’s Granoff Center, October 16-20.   The residency culminates in three performances of their critically acclaimed production BRAIN STORM which takes audiences on a journey into the universe’s most complex structure: the human brain, in all its mystery and beauty. The seeds […]