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Elyashiv Solo Exhibition at Galerie Marzee

Noam Elyashiv (Critic, Jewelry + Metalsmithing) currently has a solo exhibition on display at Galerie Marzee (Lage Markt 3, Nijmegan). The exhibition is entitled, Conversation, and will run through to 10th January 2018. The exhibition explores the transition of two-dimensional shapes into objects that are situated on the body; the formal gestures that occur in […]

Peltz and Westerberg awarded the 2015 Dynamostipendium

Daniel Peltz (Professor, Film/Animation/Video) and Sissi Westerberg (Critic, Jewelry + Metalsmithing) have been awarded the 2015 Dynamostipendiet. The award is in recognition of their pioneering work, over the past eight years, developing the artist-run, place-based research project, Rejmyre Art LAB, in the rural glass factory town of Rejmyre, Sweden. The Dynamostipendiet is given to just […]