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Gaetano Adi at ISEA’15 & Rensselaer Initiative

On Saturday August 15th at the renowned Vancouver Art Gallery, Paula Gaetano Adi (Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies) and collaborating architect Gustavo Crembil (RPI) presented a new version of TZ’IJK, their “mestizo robot” prototype, in an outdoor exhibition co-organized by FUSE and the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2015), one of the world’s […]

Gaetano-Adi’s work selected for Disruption

For the ISEA2015 symposium, Paula Gaetano-Adi’s (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) work TZ’IJK has been selected to be part for the exhibition “Disruption”. TZ’IJK is a blind, deaf, and speachless autonomous robotic agent made out of mud. Drawn from the lessons of “mestizaje”, and motivated by Latin America’s anthropophagic, cannibalistic, and hybrid nature, TZ’IJK proposes an alternative approach to […]