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Yugon Kim Designs First Exhibition for Single Game Designer

Yugon Kim (Critic, Interior Architecture) is the designer of a new exhibition, The Games Worlds of Jason Rohrer, currently on display at the Davis Museum (106 Central Street) at Wellesley College until 26th June 2016. The exhibition is a retrospective of the independent game designer Jason Rohrer whose work has formed part of the Museum of Modern Art’s […]

Yeadon hip protectors enter the marketplace

Yeadon Space Agency, Prevent Products Inc., and Viemeister Industries have partnered to introduce a new hip protector which features advanced foam technology that rapidly absorbs impact shock. Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) worked directly on the project and provided materials expertise on the new foam, which has now been trademarked as PPI-RAP™. The foam is […]

Yeadon joins NYC Climate Museum jury

Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) has been invited to join Olafur Eliasson and James Stewart Polshek on the competition jury for The Climate Museum in New York City. The museum’s mission is to raise public awareness of our greatest challenge, climate change, and move that issue to the center of public life and civic engagement. […]

Beaman’s Localizing Coordinates Exhibition, Seeking Submissions

GA Collaborative led by Michael Leighton Beaman (Critic, Interior Architecture) Yutaka Sho (LA, 01), Zaneta Hong (ID, 03) and James Setzler, in collaboration with Tyler Survant of Shop Architects, is seeking submissions to the Localizing Coordinates Exhibition being held at Syracuse University’s Fisher Center in mid-town Manhattan. The story of the African built environment is […]

Yeadon in The Guardian

Friday’s edition of The Guardian newspaper featured a large solar power generator that Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) worked on back in 2010. The project was designed as a land art installation that generates 4,500 MWh of power annually for Dubai, UAE. In her article, titled “Public art projects that double as renewable energy sources,” […]

Beaman’s Reciprocal Artifacts opens

Reciprocal Artifacts, an exhibition and installation of research focused on interdisciplinary computational design practices from Michael Leighton Beaman (Critic, Interior Architecture) and Zaneta Hong (ID, 03) opened at the University of Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center on Oct. 22nd. The work which was produced with Interior Architecture student Ru Chen and Architecture student Iok Wong was funded […]

Yeadon work in Hypernatural book

Work by Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) appears in a new Princeton Architectural Press book, titled “Hypernatural: Architecture’s New Relationship with Nature.” In Hypernatural, architecture and material experts Blaine Brownell and Marc Swackhamer present an international collection of forty-two case studies that illustrate astonishing new applications made possible by using biomimicry to create intelligent buildings […]

Yeadon in new Turkish book on solar energy

A new book on solar energy, titled YENİ NESİL FOTOVOLTAİKLER, includes a large solar power generator that Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) worked on in 2010. The project was designed as a land art installation that generates 4,500 MWh of power annually for Dubai, UAE. The book was printed in English, but an English eBook […]

Yeadon lectures at Cornell

Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) recently delivered a lecture on advanced materials to architecture students at Cornell University. He described how advancements in the development of new materials offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, and demonstrated how this is particularly so with smart materials and nanostructured materials that adapt to changes that they “sense” in their environment, such as variations in temperature, humidity, […]

Kim installs “Outside-in” up-cycled timber installation

‘Outside-in’ is one of nine winning proposals for the ongoing secret shelters exhibition hosted at the heritage museum and gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The interactive furniture installation was created by Yugon Kim (Critic, Interior Architecture), founding partner at the Cambridge-based firm IKD. The concept revolves around the inversion of a typical tree bench, which faces […]