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Exhibition: Jean Blackburn at Rufius Fane

Jean Blackburn (Illustration, Professor) is currently on show in a new solo exhibition at the Rufius Fane Gallery (460C Harrison Avenue) in Boston, MA. Known for her work that addresses the domestic, Blackburn creates fabric elements from bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, napkins, etc. that weave through the entire installation of various domestic furnishings. The cross-lacing […]

Pinque and Jean-Charles to Speak at TEDxProvidence

Erminio Pinque (Critic, Film Animation + Video) and Yelitsa Jean-Charles (ILLUS ’16) will be speaking at this year’s TEDxProvidence at the Columbus Theatre on April 9th, 2016. Pinque is the founder of Big Nazo and the internship director for the Big Nazo Lab in Providence, RI. Jean-Charles is the Founder and Creative Director of Healthy Roots, […]

Call for Proposals: Wildlife Trading and Conservation Show

RISD Division of Fine Arts and Department of Illustration, Creature Conserve, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare invite RISD faculty, alumni, students, and the wider RISD Community to submit proposals for a gallery show entitled Wildlife: Trading and Conservation to be held at the Illustration Studies Building Gallery from 14th July to 7th August […]

Lynch Shows the World, One Drawing at a Time

Fred Lynch (Associate Professor, Illustration) will be teaching a workshop and leading an event he created, The Big Crit, at the 7th Annual International Urban Sketchers Symposium being held this year in Manchester, England (July 27-30th, 2016). The term ‘urban sketching’ was coined by Gabriel Capanario who is a journalistic illustrator for the Seattle Times. […]

RISD hosting Illustration Research Symposium

Dear Colleagues, As many of you know, RISD is hosting the 6th annual Illustration Research Symposium in November. The event is co-sponsored with a consortium of teachers, illustrators and art historians, The Illustration Research Network, based in London. The Symposium, entitled Illustrator as Public Intellectual, will take place from November 5th -7th with panels in […]

Murphy in Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from Around the World

Kelly Murphy (Critic, Illustration) was invited to contribute 2 posters of Shakespeare plays — The Tempest and Macbeth — to the authoritative book Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from Around the World, written by Mirko Ilic and Steven Heller. Presenting Shakespeare, published by Chronicle Books, collects 1,100 posters for professional stagings of Shakespeare’s plays, designed by […]

Weinstein workshop at Ilustratour

Ellen Weinstein (Critic, Illustration), through a grant from the RISD Conference Fund, was invited to speak and teach a four-day workshop at Ilustratour, an international Illustration conference which took place in Madrid, Spain July 20-26. The conference has approximately 400 attendees and was held in the Matadero Arts Center in Madrid. The workshop was 20 hours which […]