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Kitchen at ShiftxDesign Conference 2017

Shona Kitchen (Assistant Professor, Digital + Media) is an invited panelist at ShiftxDesign, an annual conference that brings together creative thinkers, design luminaries, experts from a variety of backgrounds, and students to engage in and reinterpret the design process. This year the conference will be held on the 19th February. The theme of Shift in […]

Leighton Beaman + Hong open Landformation Catalogue Exhibition at Harvard

Michael Leighton Beaman (Lecturer, Interior Architecture) and Zaneta Hong (ID ‘02) recently opened The Landformation Catalogue, Exhibition at the Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. The Landformation Catalogue is based on thier research into formation processes, histories, morphologies, assemblies, materials, and affordances of land forming. Through a systematic manipulation of the landscape, humans account for […]

Beaman awarded Graham Foundation Grant

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts announces its 2014 Grants to Individuals, which will award over $520,000 to 68 projects that demonstrate innovative and thought-provoking ideas in architecture. Micheal Leighton Beaman (Critic, Interior Architecture) and Zaneta Hong (lecturer in Landscape at Harvard University) were awarded a grant for their research/exhibition: The […]

Mills Lecture at Harvard University

Thomas Lyon Mills (Professor, Foundation Studies) lectured on his own work, and his teaching practices at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design’s Career Discovery program in July 2013. This is a return engagement extending back several summers. The six-week intensive Career Discovery program, emphasizing design and planning, is geared toward people of many backgrounds who […]