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Performance: Van Den Eijnde, Centaur Theatre

Gwen van den Eijnde (Assistant Professor, Apparel Design) will be showing his new film, Centaur Theater, as part of an exhibition of the same name at the Haute école des arts du Rhin (5 rue de la Manufacture des Tabacs, Strasbourg) with an opening reception and viewing on Thursday, 25th May 2017 starting at 6:30PM in La […]

Event: Van den Eijnde ‘Lipizzano’, Villa Wenkenhof, 06/08/16

Gwen van den Eijnde (Assistant Professor, Apparel Design) will show his new piece Lipizzano at the Wekenhof Villa (Bettingerstr 121 – 4125 Riehen, Basel) on Wednesday, 8th June 2016. Van den Eijnde will also receive the Alexander Clavel Stiftung Cultural Prize at the same event. He will also be giving a lecture with Priska Morger at the […]

Welcome new faculty and term appointments

Academic Affairs is pleased to welcome these new faculty and term appointments to RISD. Thank you to the search committees for their considerable time and effort this year. ​ Full-time Appointments: Apparel Design Gwen van den Eijnde, Assistant Professor Neil Gilks, Associate Professor Architecture Aaron Forrest, Assistant Professor Experimental and Foundation Studies Dawn Clements, Assistant […]