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RISD: Global Summer Programs

As you know, RISD is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context, and prepare creative agents for a changing world.  In that spirit the summer of 2015 launched RISD: Global Summer Programs, a collaborative effort brought to you by RISD Global and the Division of Continuing Education through which we offered four international summer studio […]

RISD Global: Summer Programs – 2016 Call for Course Proposals

Dear Faculty, As you know, RISD is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context, and prepare creative agents for a changing world.  In that spirit the summer of 2015 launched RISD: Global Summer Programs, a collaborative effort brought […]

Faculty workshops: Global Summer Programs

Dear Faculty, As you know, this year RISD is piloting a series of Global Summer Programs with faculty leading studios across the world. In preparing to grow this initiative in Summer 2016, we are leading a workshop for faculty –full-time, part-time and CE instructors– to learn about the proposal process. During this workshop session, we […]

RISD Global: Faculty Fellowship

RISD Global: FACULTY FELLOWSHIP (Pilot) AY2015-2016 The excitement of the internationalization of scholarship encourages many of us to throw ourselves into endorsements of globalization as multi-layered evolution drawing us into the future. Sometimes our critical distance seems less useful than our participation. And yet can we understand either our own involvement or the changing world […]

RISD Global Engagement and Curricular Development Fund

RISD Global and the Associate Dean of Faculty are pleased to pilot a fund to support faculty curricular development around global engagement. In its first year (January 2015 through August 2015), the fund will support up to three successful applicants to incorporate global engagement and travel to research and develop curriculum for on- or off-campus programs and courses. Each […]

Farrelly to co-chair “Global Art History: Historical Connection”

At the 103rd Annual College Art Association (CAA) Conference, Gwen Farrelly (Director, Global Partners & Programs) will co-chair, with Rosemary O’Neill, the panel “Global Art History: Historical Connection” to explore the legacies of the exhibition Magiciens de la Terre (1989). In 1989, Jean-Hubert Martin led a team of curators to organize what is arguably the […]

RISD Global: Summer Programs – 2015 Call for Courses

Dear Faculty, In the summer of 2014, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) offered a select number of international summer course offerings. The courses were organized in two ways: 1. Through individual departments. For example, Interior Architecture held a six-week summer program at Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen and Furniture coordinated a […]

Update from Global Partners & Programs

During Academic Year 2013-2014, the Global Partners and Programs Committee worked with the Office of Global Partners and Programs, among other offices across RISD to realize a number of exciting initiatives and support ongoing international programming. The Committee work included: 1. Developing RISD’s Global Forum for (and by) faculty. The forum is co-organized by the Global Partners & Programs […]