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Gaetano Adi At Ars Electronica’s Future Innovators Summit

Gaetano Adi (Assistant Professor, Experimental & Foundation Studies) was invited to join Ars Electronica’s Future Innovators Summit and participate in series of intensive workshops and collaborative deliberations about the future of education. Gaetano Adi joined 20 innovators from all over the world including artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and social activists. Organized by Ars Electronica […]

Greenlee at symposium for computer science in arts education

Shawn Greenlee (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) will appear as an invited speaker at the Symposium for Computer Science in Arts Education, May 8-9, 2014. The event is hosted by CalArts, featured as part of their Digital Arts Expo, with support from the National Science Foundation. The full list of speakers can be found here.  

Benamor Duarte at Teachers College Columbia University

Eduardo Benamor Duarte (Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture) will present at the symposium Conversations Across Cultures: Remixing Art Education at Teachers College Columbia University. The symposium will reflect on the critical role of the artist in today’s society, the necessity for new strategies of teaching and learning, including ways to start afresh, un-teach and un-learn, and explore […]

Yeadon Projects Published

A range of projects by Peter Yeadon (Associate Professor, Interior Architecture) and Martina Decker appear in a new book, titled “Tectonics of Teaching.” The book documents proceedings from this year’s Building Technology Educators Society conference, and includes an essay by Decker that features works created by the duo.