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Co-Works course: Scale Spectrums and Expanded Fields

The nature of [the] search is algorithmic, the repeating dynamics that complies and reveals a series of embedded orders.  What we choose depends on materiality linked to scale.  At the infinite, the proposals may hint at cosmic organizations; at the micro realm of compact densities, they intuit biological process.  In between is a world of […]

Co-Works 2015 projects

The following studios and workshops will utilize the new RISD Co-Works space in Spring/Summer 2015: Convivial Tools: Workshops for Contrivance The objectives of the three 4-week, 1-credit workshops proposed for Co-Works are to create a shared infrastructure and support affinities of research founded on collaborative working.  A long-term purpose of the pilot of serial 1-credit […]

David Kim, Studio Technology Coordinator

David Kim Studio Technology Coordinator RISD Co-Works We are pleased to announce the appointment of David Kim as Studio Technology Coordinator of RISD Co-Works beginning tomorrow, Wednesday 10 December 2014. David is responsible for the initial set-up and coordination of the making resources housed in our new Union Street studio, located at street level in […]

CO-WORKS Open Call for Projects and Courses

CO-WORKS Open Call for Projects and Courses PREAMBLE CO-WORKS has been developed to provide a facility that can challenge us into new ways of working together around critical making and innovation, as a direct response to an initiative in the Strategic Plan. The purpose of this pilot space is to bring together different practices, different […]

Welcome back to RISD

  I find myself resisting the urge to burst into song as I write this welcome back email. For those of you who know my singing skills, you will be relieved. For the others, please rest assured that you, and I, have been spared much embarrassment. Many changes took place last year at RISD, some […]